Placemaking 101: Strong Towns Curbside Chat with Charles Marohn

CNU Miami, Little Havana Guide and JFI Properties would like to invite you to this second event in our Placemaking 101 Series – a Strong Towns Curbside Chat at JFI’s office at 4pm on Saturday, February 10th. Strong Towns executive Director, Charles L Marohn, Jr. PE AICP, will share his non-profit’s work through a candid talk about the future of America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods. This is a local free event, and we would encourage you to invite your co-workers and neighbors.

The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model for growth that allows America’s towns to become financially strong and resilient.
The American approach to growth is causing economic stagnation and decline along with land use practices that force a dependency on public subsidies. The inefficiencies of the current approach have left American towns financially insolvent, unable to pay even the maintenance costs of their basic infrastructure. A new approach that accounts for the full cost of growth is needed to make our towns strong again.Strong Towns has traveled around the country delivering the Curbside Chat presentation, which is non-technical program, developed specifically for public officials, local advocates and the general public.The presentation will be followed by a community specific discussion on the issues stemming from our unhealthy growth pattern here in South Florida and what we need to do to repair our communities.- Why are our cities and towns so short of resources despite decades of robust growth?
– Why do we struggle at the local level just to maintain our basic infrastructure?
– What do we do now that the economy has changed so dramatically?

The answers lie in the way we have developed; the financial productivity of our places. This stunning presentation is a game-changer for communities looking to grow more resilient and obtain true prosperity during changing times.

More information, audio from prior Chats and a Curbside Chat Companion Booklet are available online at RSVP not required but please do so if you are able so we can get a rough headcount on facebook.

Picture of the Day: Dinning on Giralda Avenue

Last Saturday the City of Coral Gables closed one block of Giralda Avenue to motor vehicles. Restaurants set up tables on the street and diners enjoyed live music. What a brilliant idea. Perhaps the City Beautiful should consider a permanent street closure? Needless to say it was a complete success.  The street closure coincided with the Coral Gables Art Walk that takes place on the first Friday of every month.


Blue Collar-A Foodie Style Diner, at Reasonable Prices

The Good:

The Vaca Frita Topped Tostones appetizer was very well seasoned. The grilled Mahi-Mahi was good, the sides-sautéed Asian Style Broccoli and Bacony Potato Salad were both excellent. The baby back ribs were decent and the sautéed mushrooms were awesome. A nice varied beer selection.  The Butterscotch Heath Bar Pudding is worth waiting for a table.

Service was first-rate. Chef and owner Daniel Serfer personally came out of the kitchen to check-up on all of his guests to make sure they were satisfied.  Outdoor seating is available.

The Bad:

No reservations accepted; get in line and deal with it. It’s worth the wait.

The Ugly:

Biscayne Boulevard-not a pedestrian-friendly street.  Make sure you park on the west side of Biscayne Boulevard so you don’t have to cross the street. Parking is available, but somewhat limited.


I’ll be going back next Wednesday for lunch.

Blue Collar Restaurant
(305) 756-0366
Upper East Side 6730 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33138

Route 9-On the Right Road

The Good:

The service was amazing.  Owner Jeremy Goldberg personally took our order.  Carefully selected wine list with prices at all levels. The ambiance was casual, but elegant. For appetizers we had the Burrata with Fig Preserve Crouton, Arugula and Olive oil as well as the Duck Confit and Manchego “Turnover” with Blueberry Chutney 13-both were brilliant.
The fish tacos were good, but the Garlic Marinated Skirt Steak was amazing. The Pork Chop was slightly overcooked however it was tastefully done. Black Gouper Catch of the Day stole the evening’s thunder.

The Bad:

It’s too far from my house to make it a regular spot.

The Ugly:

Still struggling to find something ugly.


Great spot to go with a small party and have it be your evening. Reasonably priced and the owners are not interested in pushing you out the door.

Route 9
(305) 569-9009
Coral Gables
1915 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134