Recommended Readings: Winter 2022

Recommended Readings: Winter 2022

Below are some of our favorite articles from the last few months which will likely resonate with our readers.

Real Estate

  • Pandemic Turns Florida’s West Palm Beach Into Office Boomtown (WSJ)
  • Billionaire Ross Sees Florida Gold Rush As Firms Shift South (Bloomberg)
  • Millennials Are Supercharging the Housing Market (WSJ)
  • Metaverse Real Estate Piles Up Record Sales in Sandbox and Other Virtual Realms (WSJ)
  • Proptech Fundraising Soars to Record Highs in 2021 (WSJ)
  • What Went Wrong With Zillow? A Real-Estate Algorithm Derailed Its Big Bet (WSJ)
  • Commercial Real-Estate Sales and Values Surge to Records (WSJ)
  • Apartment Owners “Golden Age” Primes to Continue in 2022 (WSJ)

Urbanism & Mobility

  • 2022 Will Be The Year the Urban Core Recovers (Globe St.)
  • Tokyo: The big city that is also pleasant to live in from (The Economist)
  • Why Americans are rethinking where they want to live (The Economist)
  • Politicians are sending mixed signals about private car ownership (The Economist)
  • That Big Office Building? It’s an E-Commerce Warehouse Now (WSJ)
  • Why Opportunity Zones Failed to Help Low-Income Areas (Bloomberg)
  • Single-family zoning preserves century-old segregation, planners say. A proposal to add density is dividing neighborhoods (Washington Post)
  • What a Commute in a Car-Free City Might Be Like (WSJ)
  • The Deadly Myth That Human Error Causes Most Car Crashes (The Atlantic)
  • In Amsterdam, a community of floating homes shows the world how to live alongside nature (Washington Post)
  • Biden Administration Signals Its Infrastructure Priorities With $1 Billion in Transportation Grants (WSJ)
  • Kansas Bridge That Once Carried Cattle Cars to Become an Open-Air Food Court (WSJ)

Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership, & Sales

  • The Job Offer You Want Could Come From Your Old Boss (WSJ)
  • Rivaldo: The Brazil & Barcelona great who – in childhood poverty – never dared to dream (BBC)
  • How to Spot an Incompetent Leader (Harvard Business Review)
  • The New Working Vacation (WSJ)
  • Workers Quit Jobs in Droves to Become Their Own Bosses (WSJ)
  • How to Find the Right Business Coach (WSJ)
  • Are Entrepreneurs Happier Than Everyone Else? (WSJ)
  • Does Having ADHD Help or Hurt Entrepreneurs? (WSJ)
  • Ted Lasso’s Leadership Lessons (Financial Times)
  • The 8 Best TV Shows of 2021 for Entrepreneurs (Inc.)
  • The Best Managed Companies of 2021 (WSJ)


Stoicism & Wellness

  • Stressed? Worn Down? It’s Time to Be Your Own Life Coach (WSJ)
  • Five Principles for a Better Post-Pandemic You (WSJ)
  • Better Living Through Stoicism, From Seneca to Modern Interpreters (NYT)
  • Two Books on Seneca: Letters from a Fellow Sufferer (WSJ)
  • Some Humility Can Really Help an Entrepreneur Win Over Investors (WSJ)
  • Starting an exercise routine can feel overwhelming. Here’s how to begin. (Washington Post)

The 305 & Etc.

  • Miami and New York race to become the country’s crypto capital (NPR)
  • As Travel Restrictions Lift, Miami’s Real Estate Market is Poised to Get Even Hotter (The Real Deal)
  • ClubXXX: Inside the Coral Gables Gym That Moonlights as a Porn Set (Miami New Times)
  • An underwater mystery on Canada’s coast (BBC)
  • Prehistoric Site Shows Modern Humans Weren’t First to Change the World (WSJ)
  • Hunting for Medicines Hidden in Plants (WSJ)
  • 10 Things to Love About America (WSJ)
  • Virtual-property prices are going through the roof (The Economist)
  • Chefs Pick Best New Miami Restaurants (Bloomberg)