The Built World Podcast: Raymond Jungles

From his lush “demonstration garden/treehouse” at his Coconut Grove design headquarters, we chat with landscape architect Raymond Jungles.  The sculptor of spaces revisits his youth through stories: inspired by his love for nature in childhood, to his chance encounter with Burle Marx (his eventual mentor), we learn about how these events led him to a career as one of America’s most vaunted landscape architects. From Rio de Janiero, Antigua, Key West & Miami; his evolution as businessman and creator.  His principles: maximizing biodiversity, creating self-sustainable gardens, selecting plants that work well together, both aesthetically and with regard to their individual DNA.  Raymond tells us what inspires him: the power of oak trees, Flamengo Park in Rio & Central Park in NY.  He leaves us with the mission of “spreading the word of love of nature.”

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