Recommended Readings: February 2022

Recommended Readings: Winter 2022

Below are some of our favorite articles from the last two months which will likely resonate with our readers.

Real Estate

  • The Post-Pandemic Office Should Be a Clubhouse (WSJ)
  • Supply-Chain Issues Leave New Homes Unfinished (WSJ)
  • As Florida home prices spike, middle-class residents wonder if they can afford to stay (Washington Post)
  • All for one, and none for all: Is banning single-family zoning easing the housing crisis? (Boston Globe)
  • Warehouse space is the latest thing to be hoarded (NYT)
  • People Are Going Out Again, but Not to the Office (WSJ)
  • Real-Estate Investors Head South, Bid Up Sunbelt Apartment Buildings (WSJ)
  • Underused Office Buildings Get New Life as Deluxe Apartments (WSJ)
  • Offices Are Leased Up, Thanks to Cash Gifts for Tenants, Months of Free Rent
  • (WSJ)
  • Foreign Investment in U.S. Commercial Property Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels (WSJ)

Urbanism & Mobility

  • Berlin is planning a car-free area larger than Manhattan (Fast Company)
  • Car Fatalities Rose in 2021 at Fastest Clip in Nearly Half a Century (WSJ)
  • Companies are racing to make self-driving cars. But why? (Washington Post)

Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership & Sales

  • Friday Brunch: Work-From-Home’s Forbidden Pleasure (WSJ)
  • How humble leadership really works (HBR)
  • Creativity may be key to healthy aging. Here are ways to stay inspired (Washington Post)
  • The Off-Site Is the New Return to the Office (WSJ)
  • US to spend $10 Billion to Boost Small Business (WSJ)
  • This CEO Lets His Employees Work Whenever They Want-From Wherever They Want (WSJ)
  • The New Benefits Employers Could Offer to Make You Stay (WSJ)
  • Workers Care More About Flexible Hours Than Remote Work (WSJ)
  • The Mentors Who Helped Ulta Beauty’s Unlikely CEO Succeed (WSJ)


  • Americans Should Pay More for Gas, Not Less (WSJ)
  • Inflation Was Hottest in Atlanta, Mildest in San Francisco in 2021 (WSJ)

Stoicism, Health & Wellness

  • To Get a Better Night’s Sleep, First Fix Your Day (WSJ)
  • How Health and Fitness Trackers Are About to Get a Lot More Granular (WSJ)
  • Thich Nhat Hanh: ‘Father of mindfulness’ Buddhist monk dies aged 95 (BBC)
  • How to choose the best sleeping position, and why it matters (Washington Post)
  • How to Design a Home Gym That You’ll Actually Use (NYT)
  • Antawn Jamison on Tim Duncan’s stoicism: “If it was probably me, I would be an ass**le, talking sh*t as much as possible” (Basketball Network)
  • How to crack the code to happiness in the second half of life (NPR)

The 305 & Etc.

  • Miami is crazy about Honduran food. Here are some local spots you should try (Miami Herald)
  • Neanderthal extinction not caused by brutal wipe out (BBC)
  • Marseille: France’s ‘good natured’ city (BBC)