The Built World Podcast: Matthew Whitman Lazenby – President & CEO, Whitman Family Development 

In this engaging episode, we sit down with Matthew over some gin & tonics to delve into the captivating history of Bal Harbour Shops, a legacy deeply rooted in Miami’s real estate development scene since his great grandfather’s arrival in 1912. Matthew’s personal journey from his humble beginnings power washing and sweeping floors at Bal Harbour Shops at just 13 years old to ascending to the role of CEO of Whitman Family Properties is nothing short of inspiring.

The Built World Podcast: Beth Azor – CEO, Azor Advisory Services

In this episode, grab a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and settle in as we chat with the legendary Beth “The Canvassing Queen” Azor about her rollercoaster ride through the world of retail leasing. From juggling roles like rookie leasing agent at Terranova Corporation to becoming the President and even dabbling in property management, Beth’s career is a retail leasing story worthy of a documentary.

The Built World Podcast: Juan Arias – Director of Market Analytics, CoStar Group

In this captivating episode, Juan delivers a comprehensive masterclass on the intricate dynamics of global supply chains, import tariffs, logistics, and their profound influence on industrial asset demand. Over a glass of Johnnie Walker Double Black, Juan adeptly unravels early indicators of industrial trends, revealing the nuanced interplay between capacity utilization, freight demand, and overall economic health.

The Built World Podcast: Toby Cobb – Co-Founder – 3650 REIT & Grass River Properties

In this episode we sat down with Toby Cobb and enjoyed a couple Samuel Adams beers. A Miami native, Toby shares his story about his career in commercial real estate. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Toby returned to Miami and began working for Southeast Bank in the heart of the savings and loan crisis… Read more…

The Built World Podcast: Kieran Bowers – President, Swire Properties

In this episode we kick it with Kieran Bowers, President of Swire Properties. After graduating from Oxford, he began his professional career as a management trainee at Swire Pacific where he has been for 25+ years. Kieran spent most of his career in Asia, starting with Cathay Pacific Airlines. He has lived in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Karachi, Sri Lanka, Riyadh, Amsterdam, Beijing and now Miami.