The Built World Podcast: Kieran Bowers – President, Swire Properties

In this episode we kick it with Kieran Bowers, President of Swire Properties. After graduating from Oxford, he began his professional career as a management trainee at Swire Pacific where he has been for 25+ years. Kieran spent most of his career in Asia, starting with Cathay Pacific Airlines. He has lived in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Karachi, Sri Lanka, Riyadh, Amsterdam, Beijing and now Miami. We talk about the similarities and differences between the airline and real estate industries and Swire’s approach to sustainable demolition and construction. We also talk about how Swire got involved with the development of Brickell Key 40 years ago and how Swire integrated Brickell City Centre into the urban fabric and what’s next for phase 2 for Brickell City Centre. 

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