The Built World Podcast: Juan Arias – Director of Market Analytics, CoStar Group

In this captivating episode, Juan delivers a comprehensive masterclass on the intricate dynamics of global supply chains, import tariffs, logistics, and their profound influence on industrial asset demand. Over a glass of Johnnie Walker Double Black, Juan adeptly unravels early indicators of industrial trends, revealing the nuanced interplay between capacity utilization, freight demand, and overall economic health. From container flows to the booming realm of e-commerce, Juan navigates us through the currents of onshoring and reshoring trends, particularly spotlighting Mexico’s strategic advantage fueled by NAFTA, low labor costs and its burgeoning labor force.

Intriguingly, Juan sheds light on the paradox of reshoring, where Chinese investments dominate Mexico’s manufacturing and warehousing landscape, blurring the lines of origin for goods destined for the US market. This revelation underscores the intricate dance between globalization and regional economic dynamics, notably bolstering industrial assets and logistics in Southern California.

Juan offers invaluable insights gleaned from CoStar Group, dissecting the demand landscape across various real estate sectors in South Florida including industrial, retail, office, multifamily and land. With a seasoned perspective, he emphasizes South Florida’s meteoric rise as one of the strongest commercial real estate markets in the United States. 

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