The Built World Podcast: Beth Azor – CEO, Azor Advisory Services

In this episode, grab a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and settle in as we chat with the legendary Beth “The Canvassing Queen” Azor about her rollercoaster ride through the world of retail leasing. From juggling roles like rookie leasing agent at Terranova Corporation to becoming the President and even dabbling in property management, Beth’s career is a retail leasing story worthy of a documentary.

But wait, there’s more! Beth didn’t stop there. She dipped her toes into investment as an LP in shopping centers while wrangling her firstborn and navigating the maze of single motherhood. And just when you thought she’d hang up her retail hat for good, she emerged as a sought-after consultant and coach, spreading retail wisdom throughout the country.

Join us as Beth spills the beans on her market strategies, tenant-mix secrets, and the art of curating shopping centers like a retail Jedi. Oh, and did we mention she partnered with big shots like BlackRock? Talk about retail royalty!

Today, Beth reigns supreme over not one, not two, but FIVE shopping centers in sunny South Florida, boasting a combined value of $80 million. And she’s not stopping there – she’s jet-setting across the country, coaching retail leasing agents like a real estate rockstar.

And if you thought CRMs were just fancy spreadsheets, think again! Beth talks about why every commercial real estate broker needs a CRM like a fish needs water – it’s sink or swim, folks!

So, grab your glass of wine and join us for this wild ride with a retail leasing maven who proves that, indeed, the “Riches are in the Niches.”

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