Recommended Readings: July 2022

Recommended Readings: Winter 2022

Below are some of our favorite articles from the past month which will likely resonate with our readers.

Real Estate

  • To succeed Biden’s housing plan needs a zoning czar (Bloomberg)
  • Office Owners Reeling From Remote Work Now Fret About Recession (WSJ)
  • Changing shopping habits are transforming America’s malls (The Economist)
  • Commercial Property Sales Slow as Rising Interest Rates Sink Deals (WSJ)
  • The office spaces transforming into luxury apartments (BBC)
  • They Came, They Hiked, They Stayed: Retirees Lift Fortunes in Rural America (WSJ)

Urbanism & Mobility

  • The battle that will determine the future of American passenger rail (Washington Post)
  • Rural Counties Are Booming, but Can It Last? (WSJ)
  • Can America’s Cities Make a Post-Pandemic Comeback? (WSJ)
  • Big U.S. Cities Lost More Residents as Covid-19 Pandemic Stretched On (WSJ)
  • Long-Hidden Pyramids, Settlements Discovered in Remote Amazon Region (WSJ)
  • Travel patterns have changed for good. Transport systems should, too (The Economist)
  • A Sprawling Underground City in Turkey Discovered (WSJ)
  • Times Square Plots Its Comeback, and It Looks Like Las Vegas (WSJ)
  • How Japan Built Cities Where You Could Send Your Toddler on an Errand (Slate)
  • As temperatures rise, this research could help cities stay cool (Washington Post)
  • Big Cities Can’t Get Workers Back To The Office (WSJ)

Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership & Sales

  • Why You Should Befriend the People You Admire (The Atlantic)
  • “New Normal”: IBM CEO Calls Remote Work a Permanent Shift (The Real Deal)
  • How to Avoid Useless Meetings (WSJ)
  • The woolliest words in business (The Economist)
  • How to Overcome Multitasking Madness (WSJ)
  • The Key to Attracting Venture Capitalists: Show Passion (WSJ)
  • A Better Way to Evaluate Employees (WSJ)
  • The Life Lessons of Summer Camp (WSJ)


  • The Roundup: Top Takeaways From Oaktree’s Quarterly Letters – 2Q2022 (Oaktree)

Stoicism, Health & Wellness

  • Most Exciting Suburbs Outside Miami: Places You Need to Go Check Out (Thrillist)
  • A 2,700-Mile Cycling Race Is Now Even More Extreme (NYT)
  • Drop that fork! Why eating at your desk is banned in France (NPR)
  • Dervla Murphy let nothing stand in the way of adventure (The Economist)

The 305 & Etc.

  • Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Visit Miami (Conde Naste Traveler)
  • Miami decided parking is more important than housing, dropping developer exemptions (Slate)
  • In Miami, a Pandemic-Fueled Boom (NYT)
  • Miami’s Gold Rush: Finance Firms and Crypto Move In, Bringing Strains (WSJ)
  • Miami Locals Are Steamed Over Relocating New Yorkers Driving Up Apartment Rents (WSJ)
  • Fossils: Cave woman one million years older than thought (BBC)
  • Formula One’s Miami Grand Prix — 57 laps of cosmo and glam — was oh so Miami (Washington Post)
  • Formula One Went Looking for American Glitz. It Found Miami. (WSJ)
  • 6 Best Road Trips From Miami For Your Summer Travels (Timeout)
  • Miami’s Submarine Future (The Economist)
  • Colombia discovers two shipwrecks, releases new images of sunken treasure (Washington Post)