Recommended Readings: Summer/Fall 2021

Stoic Urbanist recommended articles for Summer/Fall 2021

Below are some of our favorite articles from the last few months which will likely resonate with our readers.

Real Estate

  • Investing for Income in a World Without Any (WSJ)
  • Most Office Workers Will Never Return Full-Time, Survey Says (BBC)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Says Most U.S. Staffers Can Now Live Anywhere (WSJ)
  • Offices Reopen With Safety Plans, but Big-City Commutes Spook Workers (WSJ)
  • Wall Street Can’t Get Enough Fixer-Upper Houses (WSJ)
  • New Life and Work Choices Revitalize Exburbs, Bringing New Strains (WSJ)
  • New York’s Economy, Poised for Comeback, Finds Setback Instead (NYT)
  • Gameplan Your Office Days: A Guide to Hybrid Work (WSJ)
  • PIMCO Sets its Sights on Commercial Real Estate (WSJ)
  • Soaring Rents Make It a Very Good Time to Own an Apartment Building (WSJ)
  • Short-Stay Housing Companies Are Confident Even as Workers Return to the Office (WSJ)
  • Real-Estate Agents Gear Up for Fight to Save Their Commissions (WSJ)
  • Tokenizing the Thesis Miami-Case Study (Security Token Advisors)
  • Global Housing Markets Are Hurting, and It’s Getting Political (Bloomberg)

Urbanism & Mobility

  • Could High-Speed Rail Curb America’s Addiction to Cars? (Fast Company)
  • Why U.S. Cities Struggle to Keep Transit Commuters (Bloomberg)
  • Why Widening Highways Doesn’t Bring Traffic Relief (Bloomberg)
  • E-Bikes Get Up to Speed in Popularity, Providing a Workout Easier on the Heart (Washington Post)
  • Remote Work Didn’t Wipe Out Big Cities, it Made Them Bigger (Business Insider)
  • The US Car Crash Epidemic: Why Driving Deaths Are Up — and as High as Gun Deaths (Vox)
  • To Cut Carbon, Think Low-Rise Buildings, Not Skyscrapers (Bloomberg)
  • Where America’s Developed Areas Are Growing: ‘Way Off Into the Horizon’ (Washington Post)
  • The Holy Grail of Transportation is Right in Front of US (NYT)
  • How to Move More Good Through America’s Clogged Infrastructure (WSJ)

Entrepreneurship, Management, & Sales

  • Warren Buffett Says Integrity Is the Most Important Trait to Hire For. Ask These 12 Questions to Find It (Inc.)
  • You May Get More Work Done at Home. But You’d Have Better Ideas at the Office (Washington Post)
  • Self-Made Billionaires: The 6 Habits of Massive Wealth and Success (CNBC)
  • The 5 Most Important Rules for Entrepreneurial Success (Inc.)
  • These People Who Work From Home Have a Secret: They Have Two Jobs (WSJ)
  • The Pay Is High, but Few Want to Go Into Sales (WSJ)
  • 5 Questions to Truly Connect With Your Sales Prospects (Entrepreneur)
  • What We Lose When We Don’t See Our Work Acquaintances (WSJ)
  • The Pandemic’s Toll on Women’s Careers (WSJ)
  • The Biggest Mistakes Bosses Will Make With Workers Returning After Covid-19 (WSJ)
  • If Networking Makes you Feel Dirty, You’re Doing it Wrong (WSJ)
  • How Entrepreneurs Can Get the Most Out of a Business Coach (WSJ)
  • Inventor Sold Whiskey-Flavored Toothpaste, Talking Toilets (WSJ)


  • Builders Hunt for Alternatives to Materials in Short Supply (WSJ)
  • Charging Drivers for Road Use Is Popular With Economists, Less So With Drivers (WSJ)


  • A Former Monk, Now a Viral Life Coach: “I Want People to Discover Their Purpose.” (WSJ)
  • Why is Walking So Good for the Brain? Blame it on the “Spontaneous Fluctuations” (Salon)
  • Escaping the Efficiency Trap—and Finding Some Peace of Mind (WSJ)
  • Why Keeping a Journal Matters: Readers Weigh In (WSJ)

The 305 & More

  • How Miami Seduced Silicon Valley (NYMag)
  • Sleepy No Longer, Downtown Miami Evolves Into Urban Hub (Commercial Observer)
  • Meet the New King of U.S, Mountain Biking (WSJ)
  • Ancient Footprints Yield Surprising New Clues About the First Americans (WSJ)
  • This Milwaukee Man Runs Up 77 Flights of Stairs at 4 a.m. (WSJ)
  • Wall Street South Builds Its Own New York to Lure Younger Crowd (Bloomberg)
  • Digital Addictions Are Drowning Us in Dopamine (WSJ)