The Built World Podcast: Lesley Deutch – Managing Principal, John Burns Research and Consulting

Get ready to raise your glass of Pinot Grigio as we dive into the fascinating world of residential real estate with the one and only Lesley Deutch! From crunching numbers to clinking glasses, Lesley spills the beans on her journey from analyzing bonds at Lehman Brothers to becoming the go-to guru for all things housing-related.

In this episode, join us for a delightful chat with Lesley, the ultimate data and demographics nerd in the residential real estate world. Lesley walks us through how John Burns Consulting advises developers on everything from unit sizes to rooftop pet parks to health and wellness amenities.

But it’s not all fun and games (though we wish it were). We dive into the serious stuff too, like supply, demand, and demographics—because who knew talking about housing trends could be this entertaining?

And let’s not forget the seismic shift in Miami, where companies are flocking to the 305 and the transplants are coming from New York to Chicago to California. So, grab your drink, settle in, and let’s dissect some data with a side of humor.

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