The Built World Podcast: Steven Wernick – Managing Partner, Wernick&Co

In this episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Steven Wernick, a trailblazing land use attorney, and his pivotal role in the revitalization of Miami’s iconic Wynwood neighborhood. Steven’s distinctive blend of legal acumen and planning expertise, coupled with his fervor for neighborhood revitalization, positions him as a unique urbanist dedicated to the well-being of local communities and their residents.

Discover Steven’s journey from Boston University to earning a Masters in Regional Planning and Real Estate Development at Chapel Hill, followed by his pursuit of a law degree at the University of Florida. Through his collaboration with the Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID) since its establishment in 2013, Steven worked alongside visionaries like Joe Furst, David Polinsky, and David Lombardi to drive impactful zoning changes that played a pivotal role in reshaping Wynwood into one of Miami’s most iconic neighborhoods.

The episode provides a comprehensive exploration of Wynwood’s transformation, shedding light on the strategic initiatives proposed by the BID and the collaborative efforts that fueled this urban renewal of Miami’s hottest neighborhood. Additionally, we shift our focus to the inspirational story of Greenville, South Carolina, under the visionary leadership of Mayor Knox White, who has played a key role in reimagining the city over the past twenty-five years.

Situated between Charlotte and Atlanta, Greenville’s industrial prowess, boasting a BMW factory and Michelin’s North American Headquarters, adds depth to our discussion of urban revitalization. Join us as we analyze these two compelling case studies, drawing valuable insights from Steven Wernick’s experiences and expertise in the realm of urban transformation.

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