Urban Daddy – Father and Son Ninja Warriors

Several months ago my 5-year-old son and I started working out at the Focused Movement Academy (FMA). This gym was established to meet a growing need in the South Florida area to develop and train individuals at all levels of fitness. Your goal might be to become stronger or faster, or maybe you want to do your best to prepare for an upcoming race. You may want to be able to lift heavier weights, become more flexible, or simply just get a great workout. FMA will help you achieve your goals with top-notch coaching and programming to optimize your training.

Focused Movement Academy is not Just for Adults

If you have a kid in the 5-13 age group, don’t hesitate to sign them up for the Warrior Kids program. This is a youth development and team building program designed to teach and encourage boys and girls to live a healthy lifestyle and keep them fit, motivated and focused. They will learn to build endurance and conquer any obstacle. While they are burning off all that extra energy that they are blessed with, they will also be improving their balance and increasing their mental and physical strength.

The Obstacle Course

By far the most popular part of the Warrior Kids program is the obstacle course. The obstacle course is not only for recreational training, but participants can move on to taking part in obstacle course racing. Kids are placed into suitable teams and trained both individually and as a team. While having fun and without being aware of it, youngsters are being taught vital life skills such as mental toughness, problem-solving, discipline, safety, injury prevention, and healthy nutrition. The climax of each racing season is a championship “playoff” followed by the presentation of awards.

A Free Trial

Focused Movement Academy is located at 7269 NE 4th Avenue in Miami. While your youngster is having a fun time, you can pursue your own fitness goals. It’s a perfect way to bond with your son or daughter and compare notes. New kid students can be registered for a free trial class Monday through Friday. Just click on the schedule in this link to sign your kid up. Neither you nor your kid will regret it.

Time to crush it!

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