The Built World Podcast with Tigre Wenrich-CEO, Venture Labs

Today, we are joined by Tigre Wenrich, CEO of Lab Ventures. Lab Ventures is a Miami-based venture capital firm which invests in early stage PropTech companies. In this episode we talk about what is “PropTech”, angel investing, deal flow, building pipeline, real estate CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) and incubating new companies at Lab Venture’s studio. We also learn about some of the companies Lab Ventures has  invested in including:  Lumi House, Expetitle, Beycom, Node and The Build Club

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The Built World podcast with Meg Daly – Founder, The Underline

As Meg Daly confronted two broken arms challenging her mobility, she found herself riding the Metrorail and reflecting on Miami’s lack of pedestrian infrastructure and park space.  Turning to her father and partner, Parker Thomson, they formed a coalition and executed on a plan to fund a $140 million linear park that will span 10 miles, now named The Underline.

In this episode, Daly opens up about the genesis of that project, how she got it funded, and mobilized the community to enhance connectivity in Miami.  We also discuss the powerful role disruption can play in redefining our infrastructure & public spaces.

She challenges us with a call to civic engagement, imploring us to lead movements that will change how we interact with our cities.  Or, as she put it in the interview, “don’t just applaud from the sidelines.”  

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The Built World podcast with Eulois Cleckley – Director, Miami Dade County Transportation & Public Works

Today, we’re joined by Eulois Cleckley, Director at the Miami Dade County Transportation and Public Works Department. In this episode Eulois joins us at Büro Midtown as we sip tequila and talk about the current supply chain issues, his vintage 1985 chrome Mongoose road bicycle, transportation and zoning in Miami, protected bicycle lanes, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and roadie MAMILs (Middle-Aged Men In Lycra). 

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The Built World podcast with Jacqueline Touzet, principal at Touzet Studio

Today, we’re joined by Jacqueline Touzet, principal at Touzet Studio. Recognized by the American Institute of Architects Miami as Firm of the Year in 2021,  Jackie has pursued sustainable solutions that can scale quickly and change how we build in the sub-tropics and along the coasts. She counts on Apple & Nike among her clients. 

In this episode Jackie joins us at Büro South Miami as we sip mojitos with Jackie and learn about her approach to designing resilient, high performance buildings that are future ready for climate change. We talk about everything from microgrids, adaptive reuse, to the end of disposable architecture. 

We also talk about climate change, creating a resiliency fund, housing affordability, zoning, building codes and transportation.

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