Recommended Readings: February 2022

Recommended Readings: Winter 2022

Below are some of our favorite articles from the last two months which will likely resonate with our readers.

Real Estate

  • The Post-Pandemic Office Should Be a Clubhouse (WSJ)
  • Supply-Chain Issues Leave New Homes Unfinished (WSJ)
  • As Florida home prices spike, middle-class residents wonder if they can afford to stay (Washington Post)
  • All for one, and none for all: Is banning single-family zoning easing the housing crisis? (Boston Globe)
  • Warehouse space is the latest thing to be hoarded (NYT)
  • People Are Going Out Again, but Not to the Office (WSJ)
  • Real-Estate Investors Head South, Bid Up Sunbelt Apartment Buildings (WSJ)
  • Underused Office Buildings Get New Life as Deluxe Apartments (WSJ)
  • Offices Are Leased Up, Thanks to Cash Gifts for Tenants, Months of Free Rent
  • (WSJ)
  • Foreign Investment in U.S. Commercial Property Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels (WSJ)

Urbanism & Mobility

  • Berlin is planning a car-free area larger than Manhattan (Fast Company)
  • Car Fatalities Rose in 2021 at Fastest Clip in Nearly Half a Century (WSJ)
  • Companies are racing to make self-driving cars. But why? (Washington Post)

Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership & Sales

  • Friday Brunch: Work-From-Home’s Forbidden Pleasure (WSJ)
  • How humble leadership really works (HBR)
  • Creativity may be key to healthy aging. Here are ways to stay inspired (Washington Post)
  • The Off-Site Is the New Return to the Office (WSJ)
  • US to spend $10 Billion to Boost Small Business (WSJ)
  • This CEO Lets His Employees Work Whenever They Want-From Wherever They Want (WSJ)
  • The New Benefits Employers Could Offer to Make You Stay (WSJ)
  • Workers Care More About Flexible Hours Than Remote Work (WSJ)
  • The Mentors Who Helped Ulta Beauty’s Unlikely CEO Succeed (WSJ)


  • Americans Should Pay More for Gas, Not Less (WSJ)
  • Inflation Was Hottest in Atlanta, Mildest in San Francisco in 2021 (WSJ)

Stoicism, Health & Wellness

  • To Get a Better Night’s Sleep, First Fix Your Day (WSJ)
  • How Health and Fitness Trackers Are About to Get a Lot More Granular (WSJ)
  • Thich Nhat Hanh: ‘Father of mindfulness’ Buddhist monk dies aged 95 (BBC)
  • How to choose the best sleeping position, and why it matters (Washington Post)
  • How to Design a Home Gym That You’ll Actually Use (NYT)
  • Antawn Jamison on Tim Duncan’s stoicism: “If it was probably me, I would be an ass**le, talking sh*t as much as possible” (Basketball Network)
  • How to crack the code to happiness in the second half of life (NPR)

The 305 & Etc.

  • Miami is crazy about Honduran food. Here are some local spots you should try (Miami Herald)
  • Neanderthal extinction not caused by brutal wipe out (BBC)
  • Marseille: France’s ‘good natured’ city (BBC)

The Built World podcast with Eulois Cleckley – Director, Miami Dade County Transportation & Public Works

Today, we’re joined by Eulois Cleckley, Director at the Miami Dade County Transportation and Public Works Department. In this episode Eulois joins us at Büro Midtown as we sip tequila and talk about the current supply chain issues, his vintage 1985 chrome Mongoose road bicycle, transportation and zoning in Miami, protected bicycle lanes, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and roadie MAMILs (Middle-Aged Men In Lycra). 

You can find The Built World on Spotify or on iTunes.

The Built World podcast with Jacqueline Touzet, principal at Touzet Studio

Today, we’re joined by Jacqueline Touzet, principal at Touzet Studio. Recognized by the American Institute of Architects Miami as Firm of the Year in 2021,  Jackie has pursued sustainable solutions that can scale quickly and change how we build in the sub-tropics and along the coasts. She counts on Apple & Nike among her clients. 

In this episode Jackie joins us at Büro South Miami as we sip mojitos with Jackie and learn about her approach to designing resilient, high performance buildings that are future ready for climate change. We talk about everything from microgrids, adaptive reuse, to the end of disposable architecture. 

We also talk about climate change, creating a resiliency fund, housing affordability, zoning, building codes and transportation.

You can find The Built World on Spotify or on iTunes.

The Built World: A Conversation w/ Michael Feinstein, Founder & CEO of Büro

Michael Feinstein Büro podcast cover

We’re changing things up a bit and moving our interviews to a more conversational podcast format. We’re excited to announce that we have launched The Built World and our first sit-down is with Michael Feinstein, Founder and CEO of Büro, South Florida’s leading provider of coworking spaces and suites. At The Built World, our goal is to talk with entrepreneurs, executives & investors who are redefining the business of our built environment in cities. We enjoy speaking and learning from smart people in an uncensored environment, with a cocktail in hand, about real estate, design, architecture & technology. Our conversations are meant to be casual, educational and informative, but with a touch of humor.

Mike and I met about a year ago on the football (soccer) pitch. Our soon-to-be 9-year-old boys are footballers and they play for Miami Shores FC. I approached Mike about doing an interview for Stoic Urbanist a few months ago and he agreed. I went on to mention that a couple of buddies of mine, who are also in commercial real estate, had been talking about starting a podcast for sometime and I asked Mike if he would be interested in sitting down with us over a couple of cocktails to share his journey as a successful entrepreneur. For better or worse Mike agreed to be our guinea pig and also graciously offered the use of any one of Büro’s 8 South Florida locations to host all The Built World podcasts from.

With the stars aligning as they did Ben Hoffman, Brian Ehrlich and I are pleased to announce the launch of The Built World podcast. Kicking it all off for us is Michael Feinstein. We could not have asked for a better first guest. Mike embodies so much of what we will focus on at The Built World. Join us as we sip Bacardi Añejo Cuatro on the rocks and talk about Michael’s journey as an entrepreneur, and everything in between, as it relates to real estate including WeWork, Porn Sets, Strip Clubs, Crypto, Skate Parks and Brightline Trains.

Let the fun begin!

You can find The Built World on Spotify or on iTunes.

The Built World podcast logo graphic

Recommended Readings: Winter 2022

Recommended Readings: Winter 2022

Below are some of our favorite articles from the last few months which will likely resonate with our readers.

Real Estate

  • Pandemic Turns Florida’s West Palm Beach Into Office Boomtown (WSJ)
  • Billionaire Ross Sees Florida Gold Rush As Firms Shift South (Bloomberg)
  • Millennials Are Supercharging the Housing Market (WSJ)
  • Metaverse Real Estate Piles Up Record Sales in Sandbox and Other Virtual Realms (WSJ)
  • Proptech Fundraising Soars to Record Highs in 2021 (WSJ)
  • What Went Wrong With Zillow? A Real-Estate Algorithm Derailed Its Big Bet (WSJ)
  • Commercial Real-Estate Sales and Values Surge to Records (WSJ)
  • Apartment Owners “Golden Age” Primes to Continue in 2022 (WSJ)

Urbanism & Mobility

  • 2022 Will Be The Year the Urban Core Recovers (Globe St.)
  • Tokyo: The big city that is also pleasant to live in from (The Economist)
  • Why Americans are rethinking where they want to live (The Economist)
  • Politicians are sending mixed signals about private car ownership (The Economist)
  • That Big Office Building? It’s an E-Commerce Warehouse Now (WSJ)
  • Why Opportunity Zones Failed to Help Low-Income Areas (Bloomberg)
  • Single-family zoning preserves century-old segregation, planners say. A proposal to add density is dividing neighborhoods (Washington Post)
  • What a Commute in a Car-Free City Might Be Like (WSJ)
  • The Deadly Myth That Human Error Causes Most Car Crashes (The Atlantic)
  • In Amsterdam, a community of floating homes shows the world how to live alongside nature (Washington Post)
  • Biden Administration Signals Its Infrastructure Priorities With $1 Billion in Transportation Grants (WSJ)
  • Kansas Bridge That Once Carried Cattle Cars to Become an Open-Air Food Court (WSJ)

Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership, & Sales

  • The Job Offer You Want Could Come From Your Old Boss (WSJ)
  • Rivaldo: The Brazil & Barcelona great who – in childhood poverty – never dared to dream (BBC)
  • How to Spot an Incompetent Leader (Harvard Business Review)
  • The New Working Vacation (WSJ)
  • Workers Quit Jobs in Droves to Become Their Own Bosses (WSJ)
  • How to Find the Right Business Coach (WSJ)
  • Are Entrepreneurs Happier Than Everyone Else? (WSJ)
  • Does Having ADHD Help or Hurt Entrepreneurs? (WSJ)
  • Ted Lasso’s Leadership Lessons (Financial Times)
  • The 8 Best TV Shows of 2021 for Entrepreneurs (Inc.)
  • The Best Managed Companies of 2021 (WSJ)


Stoicism & Wellness

  • Stressed? Worn Down? It’s Time to Be Your Own Life Coach (WSJ)
  • Five Principles for a Better Post-Pandemic You (WSJ)
  • Better Living Through Stoicism, From Seneca to Modern Interpreters (NYT)
  • Two Books on Seneca: Letters from a Fellow Sufferer (WSJ)
  • Some Humility Can Really Help an Entrepreneur Win Over Investors (WSJ)
  • Starting an exercise routine can feel overwhelming. Here’s how to begin. (Washington Post)

The 305 & Etc.

  • Miami and New York race to become the country’s crypto capital (NPR)
  • As Travel Restrictions Lift, Miami’s Real Estate Market is Poised to Get Even Hotter (The Real Deal)
  • ClubXXX: Inside the Coral Gables Gym That Moonlights as a Porn Set (Miami New Times)
  • An underwater mystery on Canada’s coast (BBC)
  • Prehistoric Site Shows Modern Humans Weren’t First to Change the World (WSJ)
  • Hunting for Medicines Hidden in Plants (WSJ)
  • 10 Things to Love About America (WSJ)
  • Virtual-property prices are going through the roof (The Economist)
  • Chefs Pick Best New Miami Restaurants (Bloomberg)