The Built World Podcast: Jay Massirman – Managing Principal, Rivergate Companies

From valet parking cars in Miami during the Cocaine Cowboy days, to brokering  deals for CBRE for 20 years,  we dive into Jay’s career path which eventually led him to becoming an accomplished real estate developer. Jay is a humble and frugal entrepreneur that believes in giving back to his community. He is the outgoing  Board Chair of the University of Miami ‘s Master of Real Estate Development + Urbanism program and he is also on the Board of Directors of the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. 

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The Built World Podcast: Raymond Jungles

From his lush “demonstration garden/treehouse” at his Coconut Grove design headquarters, we chat with landscape architect Raymond Jungles.  The sculptor of spaces revisits his youth through stories: inspired by his love for nature in childhood, to his chance encounter with Burle Marx (his eventual mentor), we learn about how these events led him to a career as one of America’s most vaunted landscape architects. From Rio de Janiero, Antigua, Key West & Miami; his evolution as businessman and creator.  His principles: maximizing biodiversity, creating self-sustainable gardens, selecting plants that work well together, both aesthetically and with regard to their individual DNA.  Raymond tells us what inspires him: the power of oak trees, Flamengo Park in Rio & Central Park in NY.  He leaves us with the mission of “spreading the word of love of nature.”

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The Built World Podcast-Nico Jodin – CEO & Founder Beycome

All the way from Paris, France Nico is a serial entrepreneur who exited his first company at 18. On his journey trying to purchase a house in Miami he realized there had to be a better way. In 2020 he founded Beycome, a flat-fee MLS listing service that is disrupting residential real estate by helping people buy or sell homes without a real estate agent. We talk about his journey building the company, how the company works, and what’s next for Nico. 

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The Built World podcast: Anthony Graziano – CEO of Integra Realty Resources

Lots of laughs with Anthony as we talk about the state of the real estate market, and how he started and became the CEO and Chairman of Integra Realty Resources, the largest independent appraisal company in North America.  We cover everything from what’s going on in new construction, macroeconomic conditions, and if/when real estate prices are ever going to calm down. Anthony is a wealth of information and we had a blast learning from him. 

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Fitness, Entrepreneurship & Urbanism in Miami

Last month a few of my favorite things came together. Two months ago we launched a new fitness brand called CinderFit. I’ve always been a big believer of daily exercise. Because of our shared passion for working out and sarcastic trash talking, my now business partner and I, unknowingly stumbled upon an extraordinary opportunity to design a fitness product based on our experience working out with cinder blocks during the Covid-19 quarantine. 

Before I inadvertently became a fitness entrepreneur, I co-founded Gridics, a technology company that developed zoning software which is used by cities, developers and commercial real estate brokers throughout the US. I have always loved cities, great urbanism and real estate and a few of my passions thankfully collided several weeks ago.    

Last month, Mayor Francis Suarez announced our CinderFit product launch during a community workout at The Underline. About fifty Miami fitness professionals and entrepreneurs came together to sweat it out with the mayor. Mr. Suarez also exercises daily and we share the same belief that physical health leads to mental health. Not only is Miami considered to be the healthiest city in the US according to Mindbody, but it is also one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the US as well. Yeah, we’re doing a lot of really cool shit in our wonderfully crazy and diverse city. The 305 is pretty awesome.

We are the healthiest City in America and believe that physical health leads to mental health, and it has all kinds of benefits for ourselves, our children, the way we work and our productivity.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez

For those not familiar with The Underline, Meg Daly is the visionary behind one of the most transformative public space projects in Miami. The underutilized land below Miami’s MetroRail is currently being transformed into a 13-mile linear park from Brickell to Dadeland and is quickly becoming the greatest outdoor urban space in Miami. 

Getting our CinderFittness on with Mayor Suarez…

Our CinderFit blocks have officially become local Miami celebrities since appearing on  Deco Drive….

And check out this workout we hosted on Muscle Beach during the IHRSA fitness conference which was held for the first time on Miami Beach…