The Built World Podcast: David Arditi – Founding Partner, Aria Development Group

Join us for an insightful episode as we engage in a conversation with David Arditi over a glass of tequila, delving into his fascinating upbringing straddling between the bustling metropolises of NYC and Paris within a real estate family.

Despite his upbringing, David opted to pursue his passion for film, relocating to Los Angeles to immerse himself in the industry. Following his stint in LA, he transitioned to Atlanta, where he contributed his talents at Turner Broadcasting.

David’s trajectory then led him to a pivotal role within Blackstone’s restructuring and reorganization group, where he gleaned invaluable insights from the experiences of others. After a successful tenure, he ventured back to the west coast, aiming to return to LA to pursue his academic aspirations at UCLA’s film school. 

However, a detour to Miami to support his family’s condominium project in Edgewater became a catalyst for his official entry into the realm of real estate. Subsequently, David pursued a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development at Columbia University in NYC.

From prestigious projects like 321 Ocean in South Beach to a workforce housing project in Little Havana, David’s portfolio spans diverse landscapes, including notable ventures in Brooklyn, Washington D.C., and Nashville.

Join us as we explore David’s multifaceted career journey, filled with insights and experiences that underscore his professional acumen and passion for the real estate industry. And as always, remember to celebrate successes and share the mazel!

The Built World Podcast: Matthew Whitman Lazenby – President & CEO, Whitman Family Development 

In this engaging episode, we sit down with Matthew over some gin & tonics to delve into the captivating history of Bal Harbour Shops, a legacy deeply rooted in Miami’s real estate development scene since his great grandfather’s arrival in 1912. Matthew’s personal journey from his humble beginnings power washing and sweeping floors at Bal Harbour Shops at just 13 years old to ascending to the role of CEO of Whitman Family Properties is nothing short of inspiring.

After completing his education at Trinity Palmer High School in Miami and obtaining an English degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Matthew ventured into teaching before making his mark in the competitive world of commercial real estate brokerage in Manhattan. His experiences, from canvassing for new business to working with luxury retail brands, laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Our conversation spans Matthew’s time at The Taubman Company in Detroit to his pivotal role in Whitman Family Properties’ partnership ventures, including the Brickell City Centre collaboration with Swire Properties and Simon Properties. We also explore innovative projects like the Bal Harbour Shops Access Pop-Up, utilizing shipping containers in various locations.

A highlight of our discussion is Matthew’s groundbreaking initiative to introduce workforce housing to Bal Harbour Shops, as part of the mall’s current expansion plans, challenging conventional perceptions by melding luxury and inclusivity.

Join us as Matthew shares intimate insights into his personal journey, illuminating the evolution of the family business and his vision for its enduring legacy.

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The Built World Podcast: Beth Azor – CEO, Azor Advisory Services

In this episode, grab a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and settle in as we chat with the legendary Beth “The Canvassing Queen” Azor about her rollercoaster ride through the world of retail leasing. From juggling roles like rookie leasing agent at Terranova Corporation to becoming the President and even dabbling in property management, Beth’s career is a retail leasing story worthy of a documentary.

But wait, there’s more! Beth didn’t stop there. She dipped her toes into investment as an LP in shopping centers while wrangling her firstborn and navigating the maze of single motherhood. And just when you thought she’d hang up her retail hat for good, she emerged as a sought-after consultant and coach, spreading retail wisdom throughout the country.

Join us as Beth spills the beans on her market strategies, tenant-mix secrets, and the art of curating shopping centers like a retail Jedi. Oh, and did we mention she partnered with big shots like BlackRock? Talk about retail royalty!

Today, Beth reigns supreme over not one, not two, but FIVE shopping centers in sunny South Florida, boasting a combined value of $80 million. And she’s not stopping there – she’s jet-setting across the country, coaching retail leasing agents like a real estate rockstar.

And if you thought CRMs were just fancy spreadsheets, think again! Beth talks about why every commercial real estate broker needs a CRM like a fish needs water – it’s sink or swim, folks!

So, grab your glass of wine and join us for this wild ride with a retail leasing maven who proves that, indeed, the “Riches are in the Niches.”

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The Built World Podcast: Lesley Deutch – Managing Principal, John Burns Research and Consulting

Get ready to raise your glass of Pinot Grigio as we dive into the fascinating world of residential real estate with the one and only Lesley Deutch! From crunching numbers to clinking glasses, Lesley spills the beans on her journey from analyzing bonds at Lehman Brothers to becoming the go-to guru for all things housing-related.

In this episode, join us for a delightful chat with Lesley, the ultimate data and demographics nerd in the residential real estate world. Lesley walks us through how John Burns Consulting advises developers on everything from unit sizes to rooftop pet parks to health and wellness amenities.

But it’s not all fun and games (though we wish it were). We dive into the serious stuff too, like supply, demand, and demographics—because who knew talking about housing trends could be this entertaining?

And let’s not forget the seismic shift in Miami, where companies are flocking to the 305 and the transplants are coming from New York to Chicago to California. So, grab your drink, settle in, and let’s dissect some data with a side of humor.

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The Built World Podcast: Juan Arias – Director of Market Analytics, CoStar Group

In this captivating episode, Juan delivers a comprehensive masterclass on the intricate dynamics of global supply chains, import tariffs, logistics, and their profound influence on industrial asset demand. Over a glass of Johnnie Walker Double Black, Juan adeptly unravels early indicators of industrial trends, revealing the nuanced interplay between capacity utilization, freight demand, and overall economic health. From container flows to the booming realm of e-commerce, Juan navigates us through the currents of onshoring and reshoring trends, particularly spotlighting Mexico’s strategic advantage fueled by NAFTA, low labor costs and its burgeoning labor force.

Intriguingly, Juan sheds light on the paradox of reshoring, where Chinese investments dominate Mexico’s manufacturing and warehousing landscape, blurring the lines of origin for goods destined for the US market. This revelation underscores the intricate dance between globalization and regional economic dynamics, notably bolstering industrial assets and logistics in Southern California.

Juan offers invaluable insights gleaned from CoStar Group, dissecting the demand landscape across various real estate sectors in South Florida including industrial, retail, office, multifamily and land. With a seasoned perspective, he emphasizes South Florida’s meteoric rise as one of the strongest commercial real estate markets in the United States. 

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